Available Services:
Marine/Boat Insurance
Flood Insurance

Automobile Insurance

Massachusetts requires compulsory insurance at minimum amounts. Without it you cannot register a car. Compulsory insurance covers; bodily injury liability, protection against uninsured motorists, property damage, coverage and personal injury protection.

In addition, there are several optional coverages for you to consider: collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, medical payments, under insured motorist protection, substitute transportation and towing. CIA will guide you in choosing the automobile insurance just right for you and your vehicle, and based on your needs. Tell us how much you are willing to pay, and we’ll make sure you purchase the best protection for your money.

We are very happy to report that we write our automobile insurance with the #1 and #2 MA automobile insurers. These companies are not the #1 and #2 writers by accident; agents choose to write business with them for their customers! They both offer great rates and lots and lots of discounts!

And did you know that there are CREDITS available to further reduce your premiums:
1. Earned: i.e. Safe Driver, Low Mileage, AAA, Child Good Grades etc.
2. Auto Equipment driven: i.e. Hybrids, Car Alarms, etc.



Homes, Condos, & Apartments

Whether you’re looking to insure your primary or secondary home, apartment, condominium unit or investment property – The CiA is ready! We will make sure coverage is properly written to provide you with coverage for both your property and liability concerns.

Did you know there are six (6) components that make up your Homeowner’s Policy…
Dwelling; Other Structures i.e. Pool, Garage, Barn etc; Contents; Additional Living Expense; Liability and Medical Payments.

The State’s Fair Plan is Not your only Option!

While Cape Cod properties can be difficult to insure due to coastal concerns, they’re easily written through us – The CiA. We’re the local experts when it comes to insuring Cape Cod properties and we can provide you with immediate insurance coverage binders.

We have several markets for your property. We will compare companies, coverage and cost on your behalf, and offer you the best possible protection and price with a comprehensive coverage plan.

We Have Policies With No Standard Wind Deductibles!

We’ll help you determine the amount of coverage you need, as well as the replacement cost of your home. Each and every home and property is different. We are extremely thorough, and we’ll take the time to make sure you get all the coverage you need. We’ll ask a series of questions to better understand your insurance needs, such as: Do you rent? Any separate structures? Are you a collector? Have a roomer or boarder? Any wood/coal burning stoves? Own jewelry, fine arts or furs? Own a boat? Any business activities? Have a pool?

We are detectives when it comes to home insurance. Our licensed, experienced staff will uncover potential hazards and possible problems to make sure your most valuable asset is fully protected. At The CiA, we have and are the solution!



Why Navigate Uncharted Waters?

Let us, The CiA show you various ways to insure your pleasure, fishing vessel or yacht. Whether your boat is 15 feet or 50 feet in length, we have the solutions and the know-how to properly insure your boat, motor, trailer and equipment. We can help you cut costs by electing a “navigation period.” Or perhaps, add your boat’s coverage to your homeowner’s policy to help save you even more money, reduce bookkeeping and paperwork. Consider whether you will be using your boat on Inland waters or Coastal waters OR both. And last but not least will you be insuring JUST the Hull or the boat motor/trailer equipment. If you’re not sure, let us help you realize what you really need for coverage. Boat policy coverage varies drastically from company to company. Let us evaluate your options and help you decide what coverage you need to safeguard your treasured possessions.


Flood Insurance

The Federal Government underwrites flood insurance through FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency). Companies that offer flood insurance do so in association with FEMA and we at CiA are proud to represent The Hartford and Commerce Insurance company both national A+ “Superior” rated carriers, for all our flood insurance needs. So whether you have a home, investment property or commercial building we can provide you with flood insurance protection. Generally speaking, flood insurance is optional unless it is being required by a mortgage. You can choose to insure only the building, or elect to cover contents inside of the building as well; (coverage applies to first floors and above). This is an extremely important coverage – especially on Cape Cod! Homeowner, Dwelling/Fire, and Commercial Property Policies exclude flood coverage, so it is important that your property be protected for all types of perils, including flood or surface water losses. We at CiA are more than happy to quote this added piece of protection for you – just give us a call and we’ll do the rest!”