Q: What is a named storm deductible?

A: A named storm deductible is very different from a wind/hail deductible. Whereby a wind deductible applies each and every time the wind blows, a named storm deductible only applies to storms and hurricanes that were named prior to the occurrence, such as “Hurricane Katrina”. If a wind gust, Nor’easter or other violent storm occurs that was not previously named, the standard policy deductible, (usually $500) applies. But if a named storm results in a loss, the stated named storm deductible will apply. Like the wind/hail deductible, it is usually expressed as a percentage of the building limit, although it might also be expressed as a flat deductible such as $10,000 or $25,000. A named storm deductible provides you with much more coverage than a wind/hail deductible.

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